Why Do We Need Basketball Training Equipment

As a basketball player, it is crucial to practice and put in hard work on a daily basis. However, it is more vital to maximize your time and train efficiently.

In today’s game of basketball, many great players like Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard have multiple skill sets, including finishing, dribbling, shooting. Indicating that the technical aspects are getting much more important.

In this article, I am going to walk you through the 10 best training tools that I’ve utilized throughout the years which have improved my skills. These equipment can help you build your fundamentals better. If you have other tools that you like and think it should be on the list, please feel free to comment below since these are just my recommendation.

  • Items 1-3: Shooting
  • Items 4-6: Dribbling
  • Items 7-10: Conditioning (agility, balance, quickness)

1. Wilson-Evolution Indoor Basketball

  • For indoor basketball, I recommend the Wilson-Evolution Indoor Basketball for a couple of reasons. First, it has a feature calls the Evo Microfiber Composite, which is considered the best combination of grip and durability among all indoor basketballs, providing good quality use for a long time. On top of that, it has another feature named the Cushion Core Carcass, allowing a softer feel that’s easier to grip and touch around the rim, in a way that athletes can control the ball more effective because it is so easy to grab. Also, the shot has a higher chance to go in because it bounces softly on the rim.

Regardless of which type of player you are, whether you are a point guard who needs to handle the basketball well or a center who attacks the paint. It is of utmost importance for players to have a great touch of the basketball in order to work on your game.

Wilson-Evolution Indoor Basketball




2. Molten X-series Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

  • For outdoor basketball, it is best for you to look for wider grooves and panels on the ball. In this way, you can grip the ball and line up the grooves more easily and maintain a more consistent follow through, resulting in better shooting consistency. Molten X-series Indoor/Outdoor Basketball provided one of the most amazing grips and feel. In addition, if you have sweaty hands, it can wick the sweat away to prevent you from shooting bricks.

First things first, if you want to be a lethal shooter on the floor, instead of practicing with your dilapidated one, choose the right basketball.

Molten X-series Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

3. SKLZ ShotLoc

  • Apart from a quality, suitable basketball, using equipment like a shotloc can also improve shooting consistency. Basically, this allows players to build the perfect shooting form for themselves, separating the palm of the hand and the ball with the purpose of building a better release and follow-through. To make it more comfortable and hygienic, it is made of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial polyurethane, reducing the chance of bacterial infections.

These items can help you develop a better shooting motion and higher percentages, yet it requires a lot of work. Stephen Curry, one of the greatest shooters of all time, makes 500 shots every single day in order to become such a lethal shooter today. Just remember that becoming a great shooter is not that hard, but it will take a lot of work and with consistent commitment.

SKLZ ShotLoc

4. Dribbling Goggles

If you often watch the NBA, you may notice that big man with exceptional dribbling skills, advancing the ball up and down the court, showing that having good dribbling skills is becoming one of the essentials in today’s game.

Throughout the years, I’ve noticed that many players, especially young players, when they dribble, they always look at the ball, offering opponents to steal the ball from them. Still, if you use the dribbling goggles while practicing, as the lower part of the specs are being hindered, you will not be able to see the location of the basketball as you are dribbling, forcing you to look at the court or your teammates instead of the basketball as you usually did.

By utilizing the dribbling goggles, you will get better and better at your court vision, which is particularly vital for point guards to feed open shooters. In addition, it will be so much easier for you at real games since you now can see the basketball, making it almost impossible for defenders to steal it from you.

Overall, this equipment is extremely useful and it has adjustable straps for comfort, so I think it is by far the most effective dribbling training equipment on the market.

Dribbling Goggles

5. Baden Heavy Ball

The Baden heavy ball has the same size as an official full-size basketball, yet it is way heavier as it doubles the weight of a regular one. When you’re practicing with this heavy training basketball, everything will be particularly tougher. Meaning that everything you do on the court requires more effort, whether it be your passing, shooting or dribbling.

So what’s the benefit of using a heavier ball? Among passing, shooting and dribbling, you may see a significant difference when it comes to dribbling a normal basketball since you have switched from pounding the ball as hard as you can to merely using half your strength, which will improve your ball handling instantly.

Covering with rubber material makes it more durable and players can use it for years.

Baden Heavy Ball

6. Ball Hog Non-Grip Gloves + Grip Strengthener

As the name suggested, the non-grip glove is designed to remove the grip and friction between the ball and your hands, making it harder to control the basketball because you can only feel the weight of the ball with these gloves on. It’s like to practice dribbling with only our palm. In this way, when you take the gloves off during the game, you can have more control and grip over the ball with your fingers, developing your touches and ball-handling skills.

Also, by increasing the strength of your grip, it’ll be much easier for you to grab the ball with one hand, improving touches and handling skills.

Notice that the Baden heavy ball and the non-grip gloves are mainly provided for athletes with intermediate levels of dribbling skills rather than beginners. If you consider yourself have bad ball handling skills, just practice with a normal basketball and a pair of dribbling googles, then move on to these two items afterward.

Ball Hog Non-Grip Gloves + Grip Strengthener



7. Agility Cone Set

Whether it’s on a defensive or an offensive end, having good agility is irreplaceable. So what makes the agility cone such great training equipment for players? First, they provide tons of drills. Apart from that, they have great durability. I’m going to walk you through two of the most useful drills.

  • The W-Drill requires 7 Cones separated 5 yards apart in a zigzag pattern. This drill works on your acceleration, agility and change of pace. You can move and pivot faster when you’re in a defensive stance.
  1. Sprint from cone 1 to cone 2.
  2. Shuffle backward to cone 3.
  3. Sprint to cone 4. Repeat until finished cone 7.
  4. Repeat in the opposite direction.
  • The X-Drill requires 4 cones separated 5 yards apart. This drill works on your diagonally and lateral ability to develop quicker feet and better agility. Helping players to be more agile at transitions and react quicker when defending.
  1. Sprint from cone 1 to cone 2.
  2. Lateral shuffle to cone 3.
  3. Cross over backward diagonally to cone 4.
  4. Turn and sprint back to cone 1.
  5. Repeat this drill in the opposite direction.

Agility Cone Set

8. Agility Ladder

Regardless of what position you play in basketball, having good footwork and being able to control your body is vital, for that, the agility ladder can be of great help. Same as the agility cones, there are multiple different types of drills you can apply to your training routine to improve your footwork. I would like to recommend two of my favorite drills below.

  • In & Out
  1. Face the side of the agility ladder.
  2. Touch in and out of each box with your feet alternatively, follow the pattern of in-in, out-and-out.
  3. Repeat this drill in the opposite direction
  • Ickey Shuffle
  1. Face the front of the agility ladder.
  2. Alternate 1 foot in and 1 foot out of the ladder.
  3. Repeat this drill in the opposite direction.

While performing the ladder drills, remember always stay on toes since the smaller contact with the ground, the faster you can get. Also, try to focus on your footwork rather than your speed. You can increase your speed when you get more and more comfortable with it.

Agility Ladder

9. Blocking Pad

You can be a deadeye in practice. But sometimes you just cannot knock down shots and execute finishing moves around the rim while being defended in real games. This is because you don’t train in game speed and with enough pressure.

The blocking pad is great for players to learn to play through contact since the pad is covered by heavy-duty tarpaulin, forcing you be tougher and stay in balance, or you will get knocked over easily.

By practicing with the blocking pad, it will be way easier for you to shield off defender, finish at the rim and convert an and-one.

Blocking Pad


10. Rope

Rope jumping is one of my favorite exercise associating with basketball. There are so many drills you can work on using a rope to improve your all-around game. However, today I would like to focus on these two drills that can improve your balance and quickness.

  • Single leg hops: You may think this is not as challenging as other drills, but this is definitely the most effective one.
  1. Set your left foot on the ground.
  2. Jump over the rope continuously with your left foot.

Alternate to your right foot after required number of hops. This training is mainly emphasizing on improving your balance and stability of your ankle to reduce the chance of injuries. At the meanwhile improving your speed and quickness.

  • Side to side jump:
  1. Set both feet on the ground at the same time.
  2. Skip side to side as fast as you can while you’re jumping.

This is a great drill to improve your lateral quickness and have quicker feet. You can get better with these drills no matter you are a beginner or a pro.



Basketball training equipment can be an effective way to improve your game significantly if you can utilize them. Maximizing the result of your practice. However, at the end of the day, it requires dedication and commitment to become a great basketball player.

There are many other quality equipment that I haven’t covered. If you have any suggestions and questions, please comment it below to let me know so I can get back to you as soon as possible.

4 Replies to “The Best Basketball Training Equipment: Top 10 Must Have Lists”

  1. Wow, just wow. It’s indeed an extensive list of the items needed to enjoy the basketball as a sport at its fullest. All I know is that with the ball itself (regardless if it’s Spalding or Molten) it’s enough to enjoy the game with friends or family. By the way, most people in the Philippines prefer Spalding as a basketball brand.

    As for the rest of the items, I wonder why do players need to have those goggles? Is it really needed to play the game? I’ve seen some of the NBA players wearing them. I asked myself if they find themselves comfortable whenever they wear them during the games? 

    1. Hi Mecyll,

      Thanks for enjoying the content. Personally, I also prefer Spalding when it comes to choosing a basketball brand.

      Like I mentioned in the article, some players always look at the basketball when they dribble, with these goggles, their lower vision is blocked so that they have to look at the court instead of the basketball. So yeah, it can definitely improve your handling but it’s not necessarily needed to play the game.

      Best Regards,


  2. My 12 year old son is not much into sports because he prefers computer gaming. Now I want to change this habit and have time for real sports. I want him to give time to physical activities for a healthier lifestyle. When I ask him for sports that he thinks could do, he said basketball. 

    As I go through your selection of training equipment, I’d like to know if SKLZ Shotloc can provide a good grip just like the Wilson and Molten because my son, though has long hands, doesn’t know basic dribbling and shooting.I wonder if a good grip will make a difference. I had Shotloc in mind because of anti fungal and anti bacterial property which I think most moms would choose. Also, do you advise a beginner to use a grip strenghtener? Big thanks to your basketball equipment recommendation!

    1. Hi and thanks for the reply,

      For beginners, I think it is suitable to use a shotloc because they can learn how to shoot a basketball more efficiently. However, it may not be used as a tool to improve dribbling. Equipment like the non-grip gloves and the dribbling goggles can provide with a better result.

      Besides, I really encourage your son to play basketball since it is not just a hobby, but a path to build a healthy lifestyle.

      Best regards,


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