Playing basketball is fun. However, it can be extremely time-consuming if your home is far from a basketball court. If you’re currently facing this difficulty, then having a portable basketball hoop could probably be of great help.


Why We Need Portable Basketball Hoops?Portable Basketball Hoops Outdoor:

With the portable basketball hoops, it’s almost possible for everyone to enjoy the excitement of basketball. These portable hoops can be installed anywhere you want, even with limited storage space, giving you a quality hoop that is suitable for both beginners or professional players.

So, if you’re still interested in acquiring a portable basketball hoop outside of your apartment, stay tuned and let me go through the things you need to know before purchasing.

How to Choose The Best Basketball Hoop

With the tens of thousands of basketball hoops in the market, it is definitely difficult to pick the best one. But you can certainly choose a quality one based on these requirements:


A regulation backboard has a size of 72 inches wide and 42 inches length. Yet, most portable basketball hoops do not include a regulation backboard. Still, it is still important to choose a backboard with the right size.

Typically, there are 3 different sizes for portable hoops, 44 inches, 50 – 54 inches and 60 inches wide.

For beginners or if you just want to have fun with your friends or family, having a 44″ backboard will be sufficient since after all, fun is all that matters.

If you are more of an intermediate level or professional player, I think a range between 50″ – 60″ backboard would be more suitable for you. Although these backboards are still smaller compared to the regulation size, it can provide plenty of space for you to learn how to bank a shot off of it properly. Besides, these sizes provide enough room for you to practice your layups and finishing under the basket. So, if you want to develop your skills more efficient, this is a better option for you.


Choosing the right rim can improve your shooting percentage and reduce the chance of getting injuries. It can be categorized into 2 types, standard rims and breakaway rims.


Standard Rims

This is the most common type of rim in most outdoor basketball court.

One of the main differences between standard rims and breakaway rims is standard rim does not equip with any compression features, which is not made for dunking. However, it is way more affordable than the breakaway rims.

If you are not going to practice your dunking or spend a ton of money, then it is a perfect fit for you.

Breakaway Rims

On the contrary, this type of rim features something called a spring mechanism. By adding springs between the rim and the backboard, the vibrations produced when you dunk will be highly reduced. As a result, the rim will be more durable and has a longer usable lifespan.

Relatively, the prices of breakaway rims will be higher than the standard rims.


Portable basketball hoops are made of 3 main materials, each of them with different prices and functions.

Acrylic Portable Basketball Hoop

Acrylic portable basketball hoops are a great choice for different levels of athletes. Acrylic is a rigid material that can sustain an aggressive basketball game. However, if you want to play extremely rough basketball then I recommend you to choose either polycarbonate or tempered glass for better durability. Although it is not as durable as the other materials, it can still be used for years.

Comparing to polycarbonate backboards, it has a better rebound capability, which is a very important part in the game of basketball.

Polycarbonate Portable Basketball Hoop

Polycarbonate portable basketball hoops are the most common types of portable hoops for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, they are extremely durable. Not only can it endure a rougher game of basketball, but also last for a longer period. Also, it has the cheapest price among these three materials, which is why it’s the favorite choice for the majorities.

Yet, I don’t recommend polycarbonate hoops to professional players because once the ball bounces off the backboard, it will start to lose momentum, completely eliminate the rebound capability, which will frustrate skilled players when they’re practicing.

However, it is no doubt the best choice for beginners to get started on basketball.


Tempered Glass Portable Basketball Hoop

This is the same material as the NBA hoops, which is why they are the most expensive type.

Tempered glass portable basketball hoop provides the most rigid and durable goal comparing to other materials. Because of the durability, it is a great fit for all levels of players.

Apart from the durability, it has the same rebound capability as a professional-grade backboard. As the tempered glass hoop is commonly used in indoor basketball courts, practicing with it can simulate in-game situation, allow you to be well-prepared for the game.


As you well know, there are plenty of choices in the market when choosing portable basketball hoops. Still, you want to choose a quality one with affordable prices. There are 3 factors that may vary the price:

Sizes of Backboard

Bigger backboards cost more money than the smaller ones. But with a bigger backboard, you can practice more formal and standard, which can develop your skills to a higher level.

Types of Rim

Breakaway rims are more expensive than standard rims because it is equipped with compression features, so that your shot has a higher chance to bounce in and you’re more protected when attempting a dunk.

Materials of Hoop

As I’ve just mentioned, tempered glass portable basketball hoops are the most expensive as it has the best functions for all aspects. On the contrary, polycarbonate portable basketball hoops are the most cost-effective.


Regardless of what levels or what age are you, having a portable basketball hoop outside your home can help you stay healthy and be in shape. It’s also a great way to have fun with your family and your friends.

I hope this article can help you understand more about portable basketball hoops. If you have any questions about this topic, please leave a comment so that I can response to you as soon as possible.


4 Replies to “Portable Basketball Hoops Outdoor: Buyer’s Guide”

  1. Great content dude! I love that you explained the different things you can look for in a basketball hoop and this can help people to learn what to look for when buying basketball hoops. Great Information for others!

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for reading the article, certainly there are lots of things to learn about when choosing portable basketball hoops.
      I hope you enjoy the content:)

  2. Great explanation on the differences in the rims! I live in an apartment complex where with an indoor, half-court sized gym with a sign that says in bold letters “No dunking allowed” – I’m assuming it’s because this would be a standard rim compared to the breakaway rims. Even the few times when some kids attempt to dunk when management isn’t looking, I can tell there’s a difference in how the rim responds to their dunks. Great article!

    1. Hi Isaiah,
      Thanks for reading the article! You’re probably right because from where I live, most of the outdoor basketball courts don’t allow dunking. And one time I dunked on one of those rims and hang on it, it almost broke my arm.
      So, it is extremely important to check if the rim is a standard rim or a breakaway rim before you’re attempting to dunk:)

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