If you have already played basketball for quite some time and are looking for a job occasionally, you’re in the right place.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through how to become a basketball coach.


What Does a Basketball Coach Do?

No matter what team you’re planning on coaching, whether it is amateur, high school or even professional levels. Being a basketball coach needs more than merely knowing how to play the game, as a matter of fact, you can still be a great coach even if you are not a great player.

To me, there are lots of things that a basketball coach must be able to do, for instance, teach every player differently in accordance with their aptitude, guide them to learn the skills and get into the shapes they need in order to develop their full potential, help them to gain solid grasp of the game by sharing your own experience. By doing so, they will have a better chance to succeed on the court.


Tips on Becoming a Basketball Coach

Although learning to become a basketball coach is not something you can achieve overnight, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process.


Education Requirements

First things first, there are different education requirements for different levels of basketball.

If you want to coach at lower levels such as division 2, division 3 or high schools, it is recommended to have a master degree since these schools may hire teachers to do the coaching job.

On the contrary, if you want to coach at higher levels like division 1 or professional levels, you only need to have a bachelor’s degree.

Apart from the degree, some countries may require coaches to complete some mandatory courses, first aid course is a typical example.


Watch Films

You can learn a lot by simply watching the same game over and over again. First and foremost, you have only one eyes and they will most likely focus on the ball. On account of that, you are going to miss a lot of things that are away from the ball, for example did your players box out successfully or are they allowing offensive rebounds. These are the things that you will learn only if you watch tapes of your game, what are their weaknesses and what can be improved.


Decision-making skill is of utmost importance for basketball coaches, which can also be improved through watching films time and time again.

In a fast-paced, high-intensity sport like basketball, there will be time when you made the wrong decision, such as calling a time out at a bad timing or make a substitution when your player is having a “heat-check”. After studying the mistakes you’ve made, think about the other great coaches, what they would have done at that moment? The more videos or games you watched, the more knowledge and experience you are going to learn, when the same situation occurred again, you will be able to make the right decision without hesitation.


Develop Your Own Coaching Style

If you watch the NBA, you can easily notice that all coaches have disparate coaching style. Some like one man offense, some like playing teamwork basketball, some may put more emphasis on defense.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what is suitable for you. As you practice with your team, you will gain more understanding of what suits them the best and you will improve and develop your own coaching style over time. If you think the format is not working, whether it is the lineup or other issues, be willing to change rather than sticking with it.


Attend Basketball Camps and Coaching Clinics

Attending basketball camps and coaching clinics is probably the best way to learn how to coach for a beginner. Not only can it broadens your horizon and give you more interesting ideas, but also meet more great coaches, which is an essential part when it comes to building your coaching career.

If you have encountered any difficulties, try to seek help from these experienced coaches. I’m sure they are readily to share their insights and experience through their fascinating coaching career with you.

There are lots of basketball camps offered by schools or universities and clinics that are provided for new coaches to sign up, if you want to improve your skills and learn from the experts, this is a perfect opportunity!


Buy a ClipboardBasketball Coaching Clipboard

Most players learn visually instead of auditorily. Speaking of which, using clipboards to explain a play allow players to visualize how to execute the play and where they should be on the court It is crucial especially in late-game timeouts since it helps you to communicate with your team and draws up a play in a short amount of time.

Look for a coaching board with a basketball court so that you can point out where you want your players to be on the court, add defenders to your play to address the correct spacing. Ideally, the board should be dry erased so you can erase it quicker and design the next play right away.

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Be Enthusiastic

Keeping your players to be enthusiastic and energetic is hard, particularly when one of your players get injured or your team is currently going through a losing streak. However, as their leader, it is your duty to push away all the negative voices and thoughts on the court and be encouraging.

This reminds me of my high school basketball coach, despite the fact that he’s not a great player, he always keen on coaching. Instead of explaining how to do the drills verbally, he always demonstrates the whole drill by himself, which motivates us to be more active and enhanced our team chemistry to a great extent.

If you don’t know to how to be enthusiastic when your team is frustrated, try to give them a pep talk.

If you are willing to talk the talk and walk the walk, your players are going to be inspired and have the same enthusiasm you have.



Being a basketball coach is not easy, it requires lots of dedication and commitment. However, if you are willing to put in hard work and learn more every day, you will become a successful coach one day.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I’m happy to help you out.

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