With the advancement of technology, more and more smart training equipment have been inflowing into the market that is designed to assist our training. These auxiliaries are used to record our training and performances during practice so that we can learn more about our strengths and weaknesses. For instance, some smart devices are able to track the basketball when you shoot and count either your shot goes in or not, allowing you to know where your hot zones are and where you need to improve your accuracy.

Regardless of what type of positions you play, dribbling and ball-handling skills are of great importance when being a great basketball player. When you are playing against tight defenses or a very good defender, you will need to get past them or create space under pressure, which is why solid handles are required.

In order to help you become a better basketball player, I’m going to talk about a gear that is going to improve your ball handling and dribbling effectively, which is the DribbleUp smart basketball.

How to Use

First thing first, download the smartphone app and connect the basketball with it by facing the DribbleUp logo towards the front-facing camera. After connected, you will be able to access a variety of workouts that are designed for different levels of players. Besides, there will be a tutorial video showing how to perform the move so it doesn’t matter even if you haven’t done the drills before.

The DribbleUp smart basketball is an advanced regular sized ball embedded with an optical meter for better ball tracking, also, the pattern of the DribbleUp smart basketball is different from a regular basketball, enabling the app to distinguish and track it instead of tracking other basketballs. This is extremely helpful if you are practicing at the gym with other players so that your basketball will not disconnect all the time.



As I said before, although the pattern of the DribbleUp smart basketball is a bit different, it does not feel weighty like other smart balls and you will get used to it after a couple of workouts. Comparing to a regulation ball, it is a bit softer because of the microfiber outer layer, which gives a fine grip that allows you to grab it more easily and can adapt to it pretty quick.



The microfiber composite skin of the ball is designed to play at both outdoor court and indoor court, which has great durability and can use for a long time. Still, I think it is recommended to perform in indoor because the logo will be damaged way quicker if you constantly play in outdoor court.


Improve Eye-Hand Coordination

Once the workout started, there will be a dribble speed meter shown on the right-hand side of the screen, which is measured by your dribble per second and your crossover per second. As such, your goal is to maintain your speed within the target speed range indicated by the meter so it forces you to keep your head and eyes up to watch the screen and perform the drills simultaneously, improving your eye-hand coordination.

Having good eye-hand coordination is key when dribbling the basketball as you need to keep an eye on your defender at real games so they won’t be able to steal the ball. Another advantage of having good eye-hand coordination is you will be used to dribbling without looking at the basketball, allowing you to have better court vision, which is particularly vital for point guards to feed open shooters.

Additional Features

This app has a competition feature that allows different players to challenge each other where your scores will rank at the leaderboard. If you are someone who loves to train with your teammates and friends, this feature is a great fit for you.

Speaking of which, competition is a great way to test how well can you perform under pressure, which is also a great way to find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie so that you can improve and become better. Apart from that, it creates a positive competition effect among you and your friends so that it gives you a goal to aim for and make your progress faster as a result.



Passing is an indispensable part of ball handling, yet, this app is not equipped with drills that can train your passing, neither catching nor passing the basketball. Despite the fact that the ball-handling drills are rather extensive, it is suggested to add some passing drills for two or more users considering they’ve already added the competition feature with the leaderboard.

As you probably know, the DribbleUp smart basketball is paired with the phone which is placed on a provided plastic phone stand placed on the floor. So, with the smartphone that is fixed in one place, it is not hard to comprehend that it will be able to support for shooting drills. In addition, if you are a beginner, you can easily damage your phone while practicing your handles.


Target Audience

The DribbleUp smart basketball is best suited to youths who aim to improve your ball handling. For youth basketball players, you may not have enough money to hire a personal basketball trainer to improve your basketball skills. With this basketball, you will be demonstrated and guided by a virtual coach with the tutorial videos. After your training sessions, you will also be graded based on your performance.

Overall, it is a quality basketball equipment that is suitable for different levels of players. So, if you want to train more affordable and efficient, go and buy one.



As there are more and more smart training accessories in the market, not all of them can benefit our training and improve our basketball skills. So, I’m going to review more useful smart training accessories in the future, keep visiting my website if you are interested.

If you ever need a hand on anything, leave a comment below and I will help you out as soon as possible!


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