When I was in secondary school, I was asked to play as a power forward because my team was lack of tall players. However, I’ve noticed that all the power forwards and centers of the opposing teams are way taller than me. In order to make up the height deficit, I used at least 1 hour per day to practice my post moves. Throughout those years, I’ve gotten better and better at scoring in the post and I’m able to score even against taller and stronger opponents. Even now, after all these years, these skills still help me get more points every game.

If you are one of those players who are eager to dominate the paint, this is an article for you. Today, I’m going to walk you through the 4 Best Basketball Post Drills that will help you become a better post player.


Positioning is one of, if not, the most important things when playing in the post. If you get the position right, you will get a lot of easy baskets.

  • The Best Position

Just like Shaquille O’neal once said, the best position you can get as a post player is the spot right above the block. By doing so, you will be as close as possible to the rim but not being called for a three-second violation at the same time. However, if you stay below the block, there will be no room for you to go but stepping out of bounds.

  • Feel Your Defender

Be in a strong and balanced position where your feet slightly wide than shoulder-width and stay low so that your defender can’t push you out of that position.

After establishing your position, use your back to feel where your defender is playing you at, whether he’s on your left side or your right side. Once you understand that, show a hand to your teammates where you want them to pass, the location where your show should be away from the defender. For example, if you feel your defender is on the right side of your body, ask your teammate to pass the ball to your left hand so that you will be easier to score on the opposite side.


For post drills, it is recommended to spin the ball out to yourself or to have one of your teammates to pass you the ball as though you’re receiving a pass in real games, catch the basketball with a jump stop so that you can use either foot as you pivot foot without traveling.

Post Hook

This is my favorite go-to move as it helps me get most of my buckets effectively.

  • Purpose

This move is used to create space between you and the defensive player, it is a great move to score against taller opponents.

1. Drop your inside foot towards the paint and use a power dribble to bump off your defender at the same time.

2. Once you put up your dribble, hold the basketball with both hands.

3. Turn your body sideways to the basket and square your shoulders towards the rim.

4. Explode up, reach the highest point of your jump and hook it by flicking your wrist.

  • Points of Emphasis

Shoot the hook shot over the top of your head and use your off hand to protect it so that your defender won’t be able to block it.

Step Through

  • Purpose

This move can be used as a great counter off of your hook shot, if you can master it, it can get your defender off the floor and create space for an easy layup.

1. Drop your inside foot towards the paint and use a power dribble to bump off your defender at the same time.

2. Use a shot fake to pretend you are shooting a hook shot, this can get the defender to lean forward or even leave his feet and jump towards you.

3. After the pump fake, use your non-pivot foot to drive towards the basket and seal your defender behind you.

4. Use your off hand to shield him and go for a layup.

  • Points of Emphasis

Don’t pick up your pivot foot or you will wind up getting a travel violation.

Use this move unless they fall for your pump fake, if not, shoot a hook shot instead.

Drop Step

  • Purpose

This move is used to get around your defender and seal him from blocking your shot, which is commonly used by post players.

1. Feel where your defender is when you’re getting position.

2. Once you know which side he’s playing you at, show a hand to your teammates where you want them to pass.

3. Once you catch the ball, perform a drop step by stepping around him on the opposite side.

4. Seal your defender behind you and finish strong.

  • Points of Emphasis

Do the drop step move as quickly as possible before your defender can react.

Use your off hand to shield him so that he can’t chase you down and block the layup.

Post Catch and Shoot

This drill has two variations, you can either shoot a jumpshot or a fadeaway shot, the latter is more advanced and requires a lot more strength.

  • Purpose

This move is used to create extra space between you and the defensive player, which can get your shot off basically anytime and anywhere if you can master it.

1. Feel where your defender is when you’re getting position.

2. Once you decide which direction you’re going to turn, use a ball and shoulder fake towards the opposite side in order to create more separation.

3. Turn your body and shoulders square to the basket.

4. Jump up in the air with both feet and shoot the basketball. / Jump away from the basket if you’re shooting a fadeaway shot.

  • Points of Emphasis

If you can’t shoot a fadeaway, take a jumpshot instead.

Don’t try to imitate Kobe Bryant’s crazy fadeaway shots, it’s just not practical.Kobe Bryant Fadeaway


If you ask me, I would say that every basketball player should master post moves. Although scoring in today’s game mostly come from three-point shots. The post area, particularly low post is still the best and easiest place to score.

Add these moves to your arsenal in order to become a better scorer.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help you out.

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